Number 1 in Show Quest

After months of rehearsals both during and after school and throughout the school holidays, after topic changes and Adobe Premiere Pro crashing on us, The Arts Academy and teacher, Miss Smith were able to present their Showquest item on ‘Alzheimers’ disease in front of an audience of 1600 people at the Aotea Centre. The performance triggered tears and all sorts of emotions from the audience; the MC also admitting that she had tears in her eyes from an outstanding 10 minute show.  

Once the performance was over, it was a long nervous wait, as five other schools plus the ‘Toi’ showcase were still to perform.  Once all the items were finished, the competing schools gathered in front of the televisions live streaming the stage. The moment arrived! Room 10 went absolutely crazy when we had found out that we had placed 1st in Auckland! We also won the ‘Best Use Of Props’ and ‘Best Use Of Drama’ awards. Taking part in this show has shown us all that hard work, dedication and perseverance pays off. The countless hours of rehearsals enabled us to prepare an amazing, emotive show. The Art Academy Students would like to thank Miss Smith and Miss Hallett for all their support, encouragement and hard work.

Northcross Intermediate now has the undefeated title of two Auckland 1st placings in both 2020 and 2021!

Written by Alex Wallis, Arts Academy

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