NX Future Problem Solvers in International Competition

After achieving top placings at the 2021 FPS Nationals three of our Northcross Future Problem Solving teams were able to compete in the 2022 International Competition.  This was held in Boston from the 6-12th June 2022. A hybrid Virtual Competition was held for those teams that could not travel to the US. Twelve countries attended the International Competition in Boston, with over 2000 students participating.

The topic was Antibiotic Resistance. The students began their research for this topic in March. They had 3 speakers to help them understand what Antibiotic Resistance is and what it means. Dr Eugene Ong, a Browns Bay GP, Monterrey Wigglesworth a Pharmacist, and Professor Siouxsie Wiles a microbiologist from Auckland University. The speakers were extremely helpful and very generous with their time.

As part of the Opening Ceremony, each country has a flag bearer. Rui-Han Ong was selected to be the virtual flag bearer for New Zealand. Rui-Han was a Year 8 Northcross Intermediate student in 2021.

The Northcross NZ teams (and results) were as follows: 

International Junior Division

  • Team 1: Ethan du Toit, Tayva Flower, Bianca Drever, Saya Lang got to second round marking gaining a 1st/5th ranking for their exam, to gain 14th placing overall out of 54 teams.
  • Team 2: Betty Shen, Olivia Rose, Mitchell Baird, Matthew Fitness gained a 1st/4th ranking for their exam. Overall they placed 21st out of 54 teams. Their team also got to the finals for the dramatic presentations however they did not place in the top 5. 

International Middle Division

  • Ruihan Ong, Ruka Kambe, Connor Smith, Kevin Wang got a 2nd/7th ranking for their exam and placed 20th overall out of 70 teams.

Great results from great students.

Glenis Martin – Northcross Intermediate FPS Coach

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